Time to Set Rules For High-Tech Toys

Christmas time calls for festivities, fun, entertainment and of course gifts too. And when comes to gifting something special for kids then the first option that would come to anyone’s mind are the high tech electronic toys. Hence, it is obvious for many children to receive these amazing toys as their gift.  But, when you have these toys around then you should always ensure that the children are safe and sound while using them.

Challenges Faced by Parents

Studies have indicated that technology influences the life of a child in two ways, which are positive and negative. On the good side, the use of high tech toys tends to enhance the learning process of your child that further promotes in the development of integral abilities. However there are negative aspects too such as, when your child starts spending too much time on these toys then they lose their social skills and even interest in other creative activities, consequently the do not know how to start a conversation or maintain a real time relationship.

Parents should realize that it is essential to have a perfect balance while dealing with these toys. As too much or too less will never give you the benefits that you want to witness. Therefore, for achieving this balance the best method is to plan it out and implement this plan on your child in the form of rules.

When you are setting rules for your child, there are three factors that you need to make a note of

  • When you do want your child to have the toys?
  • The right type of toys that your child should use?
  • For how long should your child play with the toys?

Plan Wisely To Make High Tech Toys Rewarding

As mentioned before, there are two forms of effects that the high tech toys can have on your child and as parents your role is to ensure that these toys do not have any sort of negative impact on them. For that you need to start from the scratch by exploring the best type of toys. For example, learning apps, digital story based games and other games based on the concept of education can train the brain of your child and thus improve their general capabilities too. Do make sure that besides being a learning tool they are interesting and fun to play.

After having the right type of toy you have to determine the right amount of time that should be spent by them for playing it. Limit the use of these games, and turn them into a reward for your child. If your child completes his/her homework on time then let them have a fun time with these toys for an hour or so, similarly if they are performed well or have stood up to your expectations then give them a chance to have their share of fun with these toys.

Planning the use of these toys via rules is of utmost importance because this is something that can turn the usual high tech toys into a rewarding one.

Kids Most Wanted Holiday Gifts: STEM Toys

If you are at a loss as to what to buy for your child this holiday season, don’t worry- you are not alone! With the almost endless variety of toys, electronics, apps and games currently available in toy stores and online, it is not surprising that most moms are frustrated when shopping.

If you have never heard of STEM toys, then you will be overjoyed to learn that there is finally a type of toy that can be given to children that is both educational AND fun! While traditional educational toys tend to be “boring”, STEM toys (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are far from it! Gone are the days where toys needed to be mindless fun, either. With STEM toys, your child can learn valuable skills for his or her future while not even realizing it.


In case you are wondering, no, STEM toys are not only for boys. Girls love them, too! In fact, any child whose parent wishes to instill in them a love of science, math, technology or engineering would be the ideal candidate. That, coupled with the fact that all children simply love to make stuff render STEM toys the best invention ever for children!

So, whether your child is still in diapers or is a preteen, if you give him or her a STEM toy this holiday season, you will most definitely not be wasting your money.

If you have never bought a STEM toy before, Painting Lulu is most definitely a good place to start. Excellent for children aged 2 to 7 years old, are a great way for kids to express their creativity with little prompting from their parents! Now, there are many new tools that can help encourage the creativity of our children. Check out the Painting Lulu’s online store.

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